Friday, September 25, 2015

Another Trip to Belle Chasse and Some New Fabric

Swamps by Lake Pontchartrain
Pelican at Middendorf's
Yes, he left his briefcase thing in Belle Chasse yesterday.  So he needed to retrieve it.  Remember my last trip to Belle Chasse for Frank?  No way was I going to do it again.

He was supposed to b working at home today, so he suggested we head out for lunch at Middendorf's in Akers, LA between Pontchatoula and Kenner, LA on the way to Belle Chasse.  I jumped at that opportunity.

While we were there, Edwin Edwards, the ex-con Governor of Louisiana, came in.  So we had lunch with him and his grandson and a friend.  He looks amazing for being 87 years old. 

My favorite thin friend catfish, in fact, the only fish I ever eat!

Late yesterday the Grad Caps arrived.  I am going to put them on the back of the Graduation Quilt for my niece Mary Elizabeth graduating from Loyola University in the Spring.  The FQ stack is the Cirrus Solids from MassDrop.  I have the newsprint coming in today or tomorrow.

While we were driving, his odometer hit 100,000 miles.  He has a 2013 Accord! Yes, he drives that much. 

Here are some photos from the Trip to Belle Chasse through New Orleans:

New Orleans Skyline and the Superdome

The Greater New Orleans Bridge, commonly called the Twinspan. It takes you across the mighty Mississippi to the West Bank where Belle Chasse is located.

You  might remember this bridge from Katrina, where there were hundreds of people stranded on top of it.

It takes close to 2 hours to get to  Belle Chasse then another 2 back.  It took all day and I am REALLY tired of being in the car.

I would not EVER EVER EVER in a million years, want to do Frank's job!


  1. I know what you mean with all that driving! Glad you got to get out though and enjoy the sunshine!

  2. ah, you mention Ponchatoula - I remember the strawberry festival, the antique stores on main street, and an immense old alligator in a too-small pen in the center of town............. got to try that catfish next time I come to southern Louisiana !

  3. I bought some of the graduation cap fabric for the back of my niece's graduation quilt, but it had and orange background which is her favorite color. I remember it was marked down maybe because of the garish orange color!


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