Thursday, September 24, 2015

Baby Elephants and Another Good Book

Baby Elephants are quilted.  This UFO is about 4 years old and finished!  Well, the quilting is finished, there is that trimming and binding thing with a broken arm going on. 

This makes 6 UFOs quilted so far.

I have a great panto in the shape of elephants I have wanted to use for a long time.  This quilt with elephants on it was the perfect thing.

Don't you just love these guys?

I do pantographs a bit differently.  My frame lives in the dining room with limited space.  I talked to several people at the Houston Quilt Show when I bought my Avante.  The solution was a Quilt Cam.  The screen sits on top of the handlebars and shows a projected picture of the panto on the shelf. 

It works just fine!  But if you have motion sickness, I would suggest trying it out before you buy one.  It makes Frank sick to look at it. 

When I was starting a new row, I sewed my machine to the quilt!  It is difficult to free the foot from its predicament.  I do this from time to time just for fun and entertainment.

I listened to two books in the last couple of days while working on my quilts.  I had heard an interview with Richard Ford about his book Let Me  Be Frank With You on NPR ab out a month ago.  It sounded much better than it was.  In fact, I kept thinking, is this the same book?  The best part of this book was the photo on the front!

The Orphan Train was a lot better.  It was one of those book I didn't want to end.  There could be a sequel, I need to check.  It sort of ended in the middle of her life so there could be.

Definitely a good quilting read!


  1. This quilt is so darn cute! That quilting design just adds so much to the quilt! I can't believe how much you are getting done with that bum arm to deal with! You deserve some kind of an award! I am surprised you can use a scissors, but I guess you don't need your whole arm with downward pressure like you do with a rotary cutter. Thank goodness you can use the scissors!

  2. Love fabric on your elephant quilt. I heard an interview about the orphan train and it sounded good. I will get it - thanks for the recommendation:-)

  3. I'm off to look for the orphan train. I read a real account of orphans shipped across the US so if it's about that... good


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