Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Quickie Stash Report 8-29-15 - Closing In On Fifty!

Used this week -7 Used this month -9.83 Used this year -111.83
Bought this week 0 Bought this month 0 Bought this year 67.25
Plus or minus -7 Plus or minus -9.83 Plus or minus -44.58

I failed to do a Stash Report this Sunday, so I am catching up.  Must have been the Margaritas!  Th usage is the Baby Scraps front and backing and the backing for the Swissy Quilt. 

I am so in the red and loving it!   Closing in on 50 yards down.  Making headway in the boxes and stacks in my room.  I have several quilts waiting for the Avante to be freed up from the Swissy Quilt so they can jump on and get done.

I did order those fat quarter groups from MassDrop this week, but I haven't gotten them yet.

In other news, my tooth is still sore, but my jaw doesn't hurt anymore.  The jury on the tooth next to it is out for another week while this one heals.  It might need to be done now or it can wait until it becomes a problem. 

It is hell to get old...........


  1. I had 2 root canals on a tooth and suffered off and on for years before they figured out the the root channel on the inside of the tooth was cracked. I don't wish that on you, but I had all sorts of things done to that tooth before they figured out what was wrong and pulled it because it was not reparable. My dentist for years has said that if someone complains in spite of all her best efforts - it is time to listen and pull the tooth. The oral surgeon that did the procedure that cut the gums and then he scraped away the old infection sites was the one that pulled the tooth because my dentist and the endodontist were both off on a holiday. He said they wanted to save the tooth and I told him that the choice was he pulled it or I did, so he did. He saw the crack as soon as he got it out and told me to take the tooth to the dentist the next day. Just be careful.

  2. You are right...it is heck to get old.

  3. You are doing better than me on the stash. I have bough 28 more yards than I have used! And to think Oct. 9th and 10th are Charm Days so I will be headed out to the quilt shop to work. More than likely I will be bring fabric to add. I think once I get this t-shirt quilt done I have to quilt a couple of projects just to move my stash number toward the red!

    Glad the soreness is going away. So if I read your post correctly, you need to have another one done? Glory, when does it end! But it's better than having to have dentures or implants!


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