Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Random Sewing

When I think of yesterday, I am not sure what I got accomplished.  Frank didn't go anywhere so it seemed like a weekend.  I guess.  He's always on the road somewhere with customers, but every once in a while he needs to do a bunch of paperwork.  And doesn't have an office as we know it.  So he works at home.  He spends every night in front of the TV at night working on his paperwork. 

I spent most of the afternoon working on a set of quilt pieces, blocks just isn't quite the word for it, putting them together.  It originally was a set of 4 large strip set blocks and a black sashing and border.

I hated it.  So after a while I cut it up and began to sew them together.  It was about the time that the early beginnings of the Modern Movement was throwing pieces together in tentative randomness.

I now have a top.  Nothing earth shattering, just Tentative Randomness.

It needs to be squared up and a border added.  I tested a pink yesterday, but it was not the right color.  Maybe a blue or green.

Or Purple.  Purple just seems to go with everything.

I also dug through and found the Transportation Quilt.  I saw this at the Pontchatoula Quilt Show a number of years ago.  For some reason I decided that it should be a QAYG.  I had never done one before and without a lot of understanding, I set out to free motion me some blocks!

They worked out, for the most part, but there were a couple of places where I worked too close to the edge of the block.  I got discouraged and set it aside.  It is not great, but it will be completed and maybe find a home somewhere.

Really the only thing it needs is to have the seams on the back sewn together.  I can do that.  And a binding, but I need to wait on that for a bit.  So it will go in the quilted pile that needs to be squared and bound.

Yep, random sewing!


  1. I like your random top. Yes, I would think a darker border would look better. You seem to be getting a lot done even with a bum arm! I just don't seem to get anything done lately.

  2. Purple.
    The colour of grooviness.
    How could it be wrong?

  3. Love the name of the randomness quilt! You get so much accomplished- how do you do it?

  4. Don't worry - I am planning a trip to cut binding for you. Get the fabrics ready.

  5. I like Tentative Randomness . . . I agree with Valerie and you - Purple rocks! Good luck choosing a border - or does it really NEED a border? What if you simply square the edges and finish it without a border? Lets the random be even more random (not confined inside a frame). Just a thought . . .

  6. I like purple with lots of other colors. Then the lady at our local quilt shop says pink is the perfect neutral.
    I think your tentative randomness looks really cool Glen! You should join the Ad Hoc Improv Quilters. we're all exploring like that.

  7. Tentative Randomness - good name and quilt. I like those two strips of triangles. It will be fun to see which border you choose. Thanks for linking up with AHIQ.

  8. Thanks for sharing this on AHIQ. I too like the way the two lines of triangles anchor this and look forward to seeing it with a border - good luck finding the perfect solution. I wish I had thought of Tentative Randomness as a name - it's ace.

  9. I too like Tentative Randomness and what an inspired name for this piece. Do you actually need a border?

  10. Love your 'random' sewing - there are some great shapes there and the bold sawtooth just seems to float on top. Look forward to seeing how you finish it up :)


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