Sunday, September 27, 2015

Stash Report and Vintage Linen Report

Tablecloths first.  A lot of the stains came out but some I suspect are rust stains did not.  I suspect they were laundered at some point and heat set.  By a lot, I am thinking maybe 50%.  they are now hanging on my makeshift line on the carport.  And it is raining!  But I figure while it may not dry  quickly, the rainwater shouldn't hurt them.  And if the sun should come out, it may bleach out more of the stains.

Stash report.

While I have used a lot of yardage on the backings of quilts, I also made some purchases this week.  I ordered fabric for my niece's Graduation Quilt.  She will be graduating from Loyola University in the Spring with a degree in International Journalism.  So, with the help of several of you, I found WORDS!

And I found some foxes on sale for the backing of the eventual fox quilt.

So check out the numbers this week.  I wonder if I can hit 100 in the red this year? 

I was also thinking that I needed to save some of these for the next year's work!

Used this week -17 Used this month -17 Used this year -151
Bought this week 9.5 Bought this month 9.5 Bought this year 85.25
Plus or minus -7.5 Plus or minus -7.5 Plus or minus -65.75


  1. How could you not buy that fox fabric- the cutest! Have you tried a bleach pen on the rust? Usually you are creating rust not removing it - the universe is confused :-/

  2. You are doing great in reducing your stash! At lease the two pieces you bough are earmarked for specific projects and not just stash building purchases. I didn't reduce my stash this past week, but at least I didn't add any either!

  3. Love those foxes -and we all know I love text prints ...

  4. All this seems like a lot of worry about stash building and usage. lol I just quilt. Sometimes the stash increases, sometimes it decreases, sometimes nothing happens. I can say, however that the fox fabric and word fabric both would be increasing the stash!

    It is sort of funny that you're trying to get rid of rust. There's a product by Whink called Rust Stain Remover that works very well. What it may do to your tablecloths, I can't say, but it may be worth the $5 or so to test it.


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