Monday, September 21, 2015

The Ill-fated Retreat - Some Beautiful Work By My Retreat Mates

FIRST:  I want some newsprint fabric or fabric with words in columns like newsprint.  I have a niece graduation from International Journalism in the spring.  Any ideas?  


I love going on retreats, but this one was difficult because I was on the phone with either the nursing home or hospice.  And the only way to get phone service in the sticks was to stand in the field with the horses!

But I did get three tops done and the rest of the people did some fabulous work as well.

None of these are mine, but they are the talented work of my retreat mates!

Come back tomorrow and I will show you mine!

And you don't even have to show me yours!

Keep scrolling down!


  1. The work all the ladies did is wonderful! Is your arm feeling better that you can sew? I will send you an email of some text prints I found on They have several prints that might work.

  2. Hi Glen: Is there a way to make your photos bigger when they post? I'm finding it hard to see the lovely quilts.

  3. What a talented bunch! I'll bet it's usually a blast at your retreats . To bad this one had such poor timing with life events . They say God has a plan but why he couldn't wait until your well deserved retreat was over is beyond me :-/

    I love those text fabrics- your idea for newsprint is a good one .

  4. whew! I just caught up! Glad about your knee and how's the arm?
    The retreat ladies look fun

  5. Fabric source -tim holtz eclectic elements dictionary -try hancocks of paducah or hawthorne threads or delta patchwork - there are others, too. And i agree with beenda about the tiny photo size ...


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