Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Tuesday Morning Stars

It doesn't have an official name, yet.   This one was started a long time ago, maybe in 2007.  The fabric comes from The Quilt Corner before it moved to the other side of town.  I really liked the fabrics and the way the gradation works with the brightness of the stars.  My favorite one is the bees!

But the quilting is finished.  I did a swirly paisley and echoed the stars.  Not imaginative, maybe, but it sat on the frame for 2 days and drew no inspiration.  I thought about doing feathers, but I am really not that great at making things look even and perfect.  I am not sure feathers will ever be in my future!

I realized after I had the first roll nearly completed that I wanted to do a form of feathers that is called Burlesque Feathers.  They are wild and travel across the quilt with abandon!  Just my style!

Now I have 5 quilts that need trimming and binding.

Chicken Dance, Swissy Raffle, Neighborhood, Halloween and now the Stars.

I sure wish I could teach Frank to rotary cut!  I would think his engineering background and obsessiveness would give him the ability to make straight cuts that would square the quilts so perfectly!

Although, he is more obsessed with germs than perfection and his not so straight penmanship would indicate his cutting lines might be less than straight, at this time I can do no better!  Although I don't expect him to agree to do the cutting, mind you.

I like the quilt, actually. I will go through my list of Great Quilt Names and choose the perfect title for this special quilt.


  1. It's a great quilt and who says feathers have to be precise and perfect? Mine aren't and I am still holding my quilting head high ;-) feathers would have beenost in the stars quilt any way . What you did adds texture and looks great.

  2. Finished is better every day of the year than precise and perfect. The person getting the quilt will not worry about the feathers. They will be happy because they received a quilt.

  3. So am I understanding this correctly? LOL I feel a bit thick. Is it possible you are doing such beautiful quilting while having a broken arm? Your quilt is very beautiful! I love the design, the colors, and the quilting!
    Oh my gosh... a husband who could rotary cut, that would be a dream come true!

  4. Perhaps Stairway to the Stars


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