Thursday, September 24, 2015

Two More Backs Created

I confirmed that my arm is not quite ready to use a rotary cutter just yet!  Quite painful, in fact.

So I had to cut the yardage by using scissors.  Like in the old days.

I was able to find the material I bought for the back of the Mystery Houses and sew it together.   If you make the photo larger by clicking on it, you can see the fabric line with houses on it.  that is the backing.

This quilt is HUGE at 98 x 98.  It is like the one that is on my bed  I
made for the mystery.  It has Aboriginal fabric and I quilted it with kangaroos.  It won 3rd place in that challenge. you see the lower section?   The quilt is constructed in 9 sections like a nine patch block.  And I switched the two on the bottom! 

I only noticed it when I took this photo at home after the meeting!

Here is the Baby Elephants Quilt.

I made this one 3 or 4 years ago.  It was a patter in one of the magazines.   I liked it.  But when I saw the fabric in a kit at the quilt store, I LOVED it!

I  need to get into the corner of my Quilt Room, but I think that these 7 quilts will have cleared out a box!  I am in shock!


  1. See! The universe had a plan when you fell that day. "This woman needs to finish some of the UFO quilts she has before making any new ones" doesn't it feel good to finish them? But then there is the matter of the binding :-/

  2. Hooray for an empty box!!! Continued good thoughts as you heal.

  3. Great work! Now you can make 6 for me. LOL


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