Saturday, September 19, 2015

Well, that didn't work out as planned......

Carrie got here late due to the construction on Jones Creek Road.  She left her wallet , conveniently of course, at home.  We hit the Begniet place along with a thousand and seventy LSU tailgater fans.  There was precious little at the Farmer's Market but I did score some farm eggs and $3 box of 4 very interesting purple/white and black eggplants.

And Z.

Z is a old old friend, from a previous marriage of one of my sweet dear friends.  Eccentric, he is from the Middle East and went to the Gulf War as an interpreter when it first started.  They sent him home quickly.

He hijacked us and asked for a ride home since he had walked to the market and then purchased 2 boxes of wine.  Just sayin'.  He was just sitting there waiting for someone he knew to come by.

Carrie, who was not driving, said OF COURSE!  Not a problem until we got to his house; a pair of dilapidated old houses in Beauregard Town and full of clutter and trash that made my quilt room look pristine!

He desperately wanted Carrie to come in and see his "project".  He has the idea that he wants to make a bed and breakfast from this falling down set of buildings.  Carrie politely asked appropriate questions, and when she appeared interested he offered to let her live there in exchange for a partnership with her and us as investors!

I told Frank he could retire now since he had his next job lined up!  LOL


  1. Z sounds like a lonely dreamer who has not realized there is a world out there that is totally different. His life sounds good and from experience I have seen many of this personality type have lives of joy without stress. Ignorance is truly bliss.

  2. Makes sense somehow! Carrie moving from her white house to that. mmmmm.

  3. After a couple boxes of wine, I'm sure it looks like a palace :-)
    They sell boxes of wine at the farmers market?

  4. Sometimes I worry that I'll be one of the eccentric elderly ladies that frightened me when I was a child because I didn't understand their differences. Now I think I may be well on my way, but it doesn't worry me as much. Hopefully, my little world will be a happy place and I'll be as blissful as your Z. You should be proud of Carrie for being so kind. You've raised a beautiful young woman.

  5. Z sounds like quite a character!


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