Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ad Hoc Improve Post #2 - Lao Tse Said It Best

This is a great tie-in with the beautiful Chinese Coin quilt in Ann's post! 

In his book Tao te Ching, Lao Tse of ancient Taoism taught that it is better to let go of feelings of revenge. That person creates his own karma as his life goes on.

Today's translation of his words are: 
Don't waste your time on revenge. Those who hurt you will eventually face their own karma. Lao Tse

I remember those classes well, I loved going there and hearing the reverence and tolerance they had for life, it shaped my own life more than anything else has.  It was an acceptance I have never felt since.   I used to write a series of posts that talked about how the Tao te Ching related to Quilting.  I might have to revisit it.  There are many of us who could use the lessons.


I have a headache, for 24 hours now.  And the entire post I just typed in disappeared. Can you say "insert bad words here"? I went to the ENT yesterday and got a steroid shot and an antibiotic shot.  I need  my ears to stop ringing.  I  don' think this is the total cause, but the steroids will feel good for a while.

So what I wanted to say was this:

I am adding this to the Improv site by Fret Not Yourself. (Click to go see others.) I am 99.9 % sure it is Improv.  I wanted an easy but girly cute quilt for the first child my nail salon owners are having in January.  I had intended to add three corner chunks to each block section to make them look like flower petals, but I got lazy.  It would have totally been clearly Improv.

Tomorrow, if my head feels better, I will begin laying out the quilts that will be given away for Christmas this year.  There may be spaces I need to fill in before Christmas.  I think every one will be excited about their gifts.  And I will make room in my quilt pile for more wonderful quilts.  My problem is that I love so many of my creations that is it really really hard to part with them.  

I have to consider that person "Quilt Worthy".  That comes from an old Seinfeld episode where Elaine was no longer able to find her birth control sponges since they had been discontinued.  She found a huge box of them wholesale but knew she needed to ration them.  Now every man needed to be "sponge worthy".  Some were found to be lacking under this new scrutiny.

Go and see the quilts that my friends at AHIG is creating.   You might get some quilt ideas for yourself!


  1. Those are wise words. With the stuff that has been going on I have tried to comfort my siblings that the universe will make things right with a lot of hard work by my younger sister and I! Is it ok that I copy the saying and pass it to my sister? I found the papers I assembled a couple of years ago for my quilt group (now defunct) about dyeing fabric. I will copy it and mail it to you.

  2. I love your Festive Halloween shot up there a the top of the blog. How generous of you to part with your quilts.

    1. My goodness, woman, I got whiplash on this post, going from the words of Lao Tse to "spong-worthy"...lol.

      Today someone who wronged me came face to face with his karma. I am struggling not to take too much joy in watching him suffer.

  3. I would love to hear more about Taoism. Can you recommend any books on the teachings? Sounds interesting. The nail salon baby quilt has nail push colors - very cool :-) hope you feel better

  4. I like the baby quilt; pretty colours and the inclusion of the stripy fabrics is very clever and effective. Posts talking about the Tao Te Ching and quilting would be interesting - you could put them all on a page accessed at the top of your blog maybe?

  5. First I noticed we used very similar colors this month - it's a pink and green phase. Your cross quilt will be a delight for the new baby. I'd forgotten that Seinfeld episode but know exactly how you feel - the recipient needs to be Quilt Worthy. Some of my relatives will never receive one from me and they are probably as happy about that as I.
    Kaja suggestion sounds good; we could find your Tao Te Ching posts more easily. I hope your headache is better now. It must have been a doozy with two shots. Yikes.
    Thanks for linking up with AHIQ.

  6. you're speaking to me today my friend. Keep talking about important words of inspiration. Revive exiting posts or write them anew as new people read every day. LeeAnna

  7. What a lovely baby quilt, hope your head ache is better...


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