Thursday, October 22, 2015

And of Course There Is A New Project

You know me.........yes, there is a new project.

I have to finish the top for the Church Christmas Quilt.  We had the Bonnie Hunter Group meet in a room in the church for the price of two quilts for their Fall Festival.  I will work on it tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I am washing out the blues and purples we dyed yesterday.  Tomorrow I will get the reds and oranges washed and dried. 

Oh, my.  The colors are intense!  I always have a problem with getting dark enough colors.  Wendy must have used a ton of dye powder.  I need to email her with my results and ask that question.  I wanted to work on intensity and I think I got it!

New project.  Here we are in front of the Sphinx in Cairo a few years ago.  That is my traveling Swissy pup and one of the three pyramids in the distance. 

The Fiber Group challenge for next month is Mysterious.  I tore my room apart looking for the labels I bought last month.  No luck, so I ended up at Office Depot and bought a package of 100 so I can lose 97 of them for next month.

I manipulated three of my photos from Cairo, Ramses I , the Step Pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara and the Sphinx of Giza.   I printed them on some of the fabric from that fish duvet cover I bought at the Purple Cow.  Remember that?  It is amazing stuff, sort of a knobby loose weave that printed so beautifully.  Well, the rollers must have been dirty because on one of them you can see where the rollers of the printer cleaned themselves on the print.  But I am going to use it anyway.

Did you know that Ramses I became pharaoh when he was in his late teens and he ruled until age 91.  He had 52 sons, 53 daughters and over 200 wives.   And I saw the statue he had made of himself located in Memphis, Egypt.  I am so saddened by the destruction of these beautiful objects by ISIS.

I will show you them later as I get more into the project.

It will be fantastical, amazing and utterly astounding!

Almost as amazing as this chocolate peanut butter ice cream I brought home today..........

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  1. I want to know how to get more intense color too. Especially tones of blacks. I need a new washer and am thinking about a speedqueen as you can set the water level, pause it to soak, and it's a top loader. Almost unheard of any more. What did you get?


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