Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Bad Dog Post

LeeAnn of Not Afraid of Color wanted to hear about the Bad Basset Boyz adventures, so they very politely accommodated her.

At 10 PM we head out for a mile walk.  It is cool, beautiful and so quiet in the neighborhood. 

We get home and decide on a dessert of pound cake and peaches.  Well, maybe some ice cream, I did walk a mile, you know.

Frank says, it is too hot in here, I am going to check the lines in the attic.  Yes, at 10:30 pm.  Yes.  Of course.  He clears out 3 buckets of overflow water, pours a gallon of bleach down the line to open it up, and hands me the vacuum cleaner. 

I notice McGee is being quiet.  Always a bad sign.  

True to his nature, he has taken the new roll of toilet paper to his bed, by ripping the whole hardware off the wall, and shredded every last sheet.  All over the bathroom, the bedroom and halfway down the hall.

You have no idea how much a single roll of TP fluffs up when shredded...............


  1. Bwahahahahahaha -- sorry! I can only imagine the mess.

  2. Ha! Ha! I can sooo picture this. How boring your life would be without the bassets and Frank of course. And m glad you get the "good" toilet paper for McGee. The one ply just wouldn't have that same mouth feel I'm sure

  3. Our lab Calypso has to "save" me from the evil toilet paper. I don't put it on the spindle anymore, she just strings it out, it just sits on the vanity. Every so often it apparently starts to run to the living room and Calypso has to subdue it. What a mess! But she's so proud of herself.

  4. A quiet dog is never a good sign in our house either.

  5. Little Little loves to turn tissue into confetti....I guess she thinks confetti is more fun. Luckily she can't reach the t.p. holder. Unfortunately, she can reach bathroom trash cans, so those stay in the bathtub. Ah, the things we do for the pups we love.

  6. oh yes, about as big a mess as a box of kleenex.....shredded of course


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