Friday, October 30, 2015

Finishes for October OPAM

As you know from the side bar on the  right, I participate in OPAM or One Project A Month.  with Kris and Peg.  You really should consider joining us next year.  Basically you just work toward one finish each month.  I am sitting at 19 right now, so I am good even though I had two months where there were no finishes.

And before you start whining about how you could never do this or have to be held to a standard, the Quilt Police are all in your head!  No one will come to your house and drag you out of bed or publicly humiliate you if you don't finish something in a month!  Witness my two months devoid of finishes.

It is just something to make you feel good about finishing.  What Peg does is to collect all the finishes and tallies them up to make it amazing that there are XXX,XXX number of finishes collectively!  An it really is amazing to see that much finishing going on just in this one little corner of the world.

Here are my finishes:

Swissy Raffle Quilt
Don't You Love Her Madly

Curves Fiber Art Piece
Flower Girl

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