Friday, October 9, 2015

Flower Girl is a Top!

I worked all day long on the top while I was waiting for Paula to swing by.  She wanted to see the Red Snappers I use to load my quilts on the long arm.

The Red Snappers take a couple of times to get 100% comfortable with, but I love the ability to make changes without taking out a million pins.  And more so, not getting stuck by the pins and bleeding all over the quilts. 

Although my grandmother would say that if you bled on something you were making for someone, they were going to fall in love with it.  And who doesn't love my quilts?  LOL.

And the plus is that it takes less than a quarter of the time to load a quilt.  Paula says it can take her over an hour to set up.  It takes me 15 minutes, maybe 20 or 25 if I have set up the first section off kilter. I really don't do more than a cursory trim on my tops and backings.  Unless I am doing a straight line, then I spend a bit more time getting things straight.

Back to the Flower Girl piece.  I wanted to tie the same color squares together so I added a center.  I thought about adding little squares in the sashing between the blocks, but decided that it would not achieve the desired effect of pulling the four squares together.

It measures 47 x 47.  And I am debating on a 2 inch border all around, or not.  So far, not.

I really is not anything fancy, but I know these people will just love this quilt.  They are excited about the first baby, their business is doing well.  They are legal immigrants from Viet Nam and working toward their citizenship and future in the right way.

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  1. They will love this quilt! So nice of you to make it for them. The colors make me think of nail polish colors so very appropriate.
    Scary about that plant explosion. Thank god it wasn't one Frank was at


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