Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I Lied To You.....

I did, really.  But not intentionally! 

 Remember this?  I just took it off the frame yesterday.  I told you it was from 2007.  And it is.  I also told you it was most likely Alex Anderson.  That was the untruth.

I was going though the old magazines and tossing out the ones I no longer need to keep around.  Yes!  Getting rid of stuff.   And I came across this page in one of them. 

Thimbleberries!  It was a Quilt Club.  I also have that Sweetheart Table Runner.  I remember it came in two color ways. 

I was not really feeling positive about the Alex Anderson  thing, but I didn't remember Lynette Jensen and Thimbleberries.

Mystery solved! 


  1. Oh how I miss simply quilts! That show got me started on my art quilting journey. Bravo for getting all these UFO 's done. You rock!
    You should buy some fabric to celebrate

  2. As long as it is almost done that is what counts!


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