Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I Won A Ribbon!

I did win a ribbon tonight!  Yes!  Honorable mention, but still a winner.  There was about 20 quilts there in the challenge.  AND I beat Bonnie!  She didn't win anything!

Hers is the blue one right next to mine.......

Here is my beauty.  It is really straight, I don't know why it looks cockamamie in the photo.

And here are the other winners:


Second  (love this one)



  1. Congratulations! I like this piece very much.

  2. Yours is the best - very modern looking but with pizazz ! Congratulations 👏👏👏

  3. I put the little clapping hands and it shows up as ???? On blogger - just know I am clapping my hands and cheering you not questioning :-) ahhh technology .
    Do you realize that most of the people I work with were not even born yet when back to the future ( the movie) came out. I am feeling very old tonight listening to all the back to the future day stuff. ( sigh)

  4. congrats on the ribbon!!! Been a long time since I entered a show but I loves me a ribbon! LEeAnna


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