Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Jack and Gourdy Quilt

Jack and Gordy Throw A Party is now the headline photo!  I have three Halloween quilts now.  Every year Carrie does this fabulous Halloween display, with flowers and hay bales and pumpkins.  So I took all three quilts to her house on Sunday to photograph them with that fabulous setting.........only to find out she didn't even buy a pumpkin this year!  (sad smiley face)

So I took them to the Park behind my house and did some photos on the fence around the baseball field.  It had that great yellow-y orange-y rubber piece on the top of the black fence.   It really didn't work so well, the wind was pretty strong and I couldn't keep them straight, or even on the fence.  And of course i didn't bring any clips or pins or anything!

Better than nothing though!

Chloe on duty
And I have a story about my brave and fearless little girl.  Chloe the Smelly Basset, as she is affectionately called around here, loves to sit outside all night long and watch stuff.  We live in the city, but on the farthest street out to the city line.  And until about 8 or 9 years ago, there was nothing behind us but a large amount of trees and snakes and deer and turtles and opossums and armadillos.  No alligators though, sorry.  Oh, yes, and the peacock.

But Chloe still loves to sit out and watch the nightlife.   And tonight she was rewarded with opossum.

We heard lots of barking and Frank gets his spotlight (it is a large and very dark yard) and his hiking boots (not really THAT large) and leash and heads out to find her and bring her in.

He realizes she has the opossum cornered and when he reaches out to put her leash on, the opossum breaks and makes a run for it.  Right toward Frank! 

Chloe goes into action, she lunged for the critter and rolled it.  Frank pulled her away before she could actually get it.
Bonnie Doon

My big girl Swissy, Bonnie Doon (1998-2010), was responsible for killing 3 opossum in her job as protector of the family.  Chloe learned from the best.  Not the least of which is laying out in the yard at night, making sure the family is safe!
Basset Boy snoozing while Chloe keeps us safe

And hey, you don't see any of the BOYZ out there, protecting the yard, do you?


  1. Way to Go Chloe and Frank. Boyz stay inside where it is safe!

  2. Goes to show you that the female is usually the stronger and smartest of the species to say nothing of the most beautiful. Just like humans!

    Love that Jack and Gourdy - such a happy quilt

  3. girlz rule Chloe!!! Awesome job...but...possum's can fight dirty. With those icky teeth and claws, a dog could buy themselves a trip to the dreaded vet. Cole caught a squirrel who scratched him and suddenly he found himself at the vets getting a rabies booster. grrrr. Still, impressive bravery, and wise to wait for back up. LeeAnna


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