Saturday, October 24, 2015

Jack and Gourdy Threw and Party and Brought Friends!

Note: the quilt in the header is called Jack and Gourdy Throw a Party!

Carrie called, needing two pumpkins for a pumpkin carving party among friends. Andrew carves pumpkins! Who knew?

So we went to the best place I know to get pumpkins.  These are church pumpkins.  And not cheap, but they are all beautifully shaped and perfect.  I guess if you are a god you get the best ones first!

This is the $8 hallowed orb that chose me.  It should make some sweet pumpkin pies!

No dogs were allowed to visit this pumpkin patch  but they all investigated the pumpin I  brought home.  McGee immediately claimed it as his own and DiNozzo was not too happy about that......MoooooooooM!

I am liking back to the Lazy PitBull blog.  Check out the other More Fun pumpkin dogs this week.


  1. I love that pumpkin quilt in your header :)

  2. We are visiting a church pumpkin patch this week too. They do have the prettiest pumpkins here too! I love the quilt. ♥

  3. claimed it how exactly... I know one way males claim something, LeeAnna

  4. Jack and Gourdy!!! Love it!!!! That is an awful lot o' pumpkins!

  5. Why are they called church pumpkins? I though you couldn't make pies out of jack-o-lantern pumpkins and that they had to be pie pumpkins? I guess I need to learn more about pumpkins! Love the picture in the header! So cute the skeleton dog and the basset posing together. I don't know which of your dogs is posing. I should know - I am sorry.


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