Friday, October 16, 2015

Off the Wall Friday

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I have my Fiber Group next week.  I am trying to figure out how to bind it so I am in the "thinking" phase.

The Challenge Theme was "curves".  When I was at QuiltCon in February with Patty the Quilt Lady, we came across a booth that had some fabulous screens for screen printing.  I have not had a chance to us them yet, so I pulled them out.

Of course, I broke some of the rules.

I had a bottle of Inkodye which is sunlight reactive.  It starts out milky creamy white, and turns out to be, in this case, blue.  The amount of sunlight depends on the darkness of the print.  I just left it out hanging because the first afternoon I put it out there was no sun.

Of course I didn't consider the sun when I decided to do this.

I love the colors of dark blue and beige together.  I pulled out some of Frank's old dockers and used them in block colors.  I added some circles of metal that came from a belt full of them I picked up at The Purple Cow one afternoon for 99 Cents.  I also added some sample squares from a pile of stuff Carrie brought to me when they cleaned out their sample books.  These are linen pieces and so lovely.

When my hair dryer died I took it apart.  I knew those pieces would come in handy one day!  

 I used a firm pellon to give it some firmness as an art piece.   But now I need to decide how to bind it.  

I like it.  Do you?


  1. I like this piece very much! Those colors are wonderful. They are like the colors of that group of Moda fabrics I bought at Charm.

  2. okay, that's weird, I was just visitng your blog, then you said you did inkadye, I come back and here it is! Voila!
    I've never heard of this stuff!. Did you enjoy the process? Does it smell? Always a consideration for me. LeeAnna

  3. Of course I like it! The variety of circles really works with the fabrics. I love that you took apart your dryer for a time when you'd need parts. I have a dead computer, a camera, and a watch. I'm anxious to see the insides.

  4. Oh yes, I like it a lot. I love that blue circle in the second photo - that could be a piece on its own - but it is balanced so well with the rectangles and the little circles. No idea about binding though!


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