Sunday, October 11, 2015

Stash Report 10-11-15

Backing for House
I wish I would have thought to take a photo of us this morning, we had breakfast with Cousin Karen and son Matt.  OMG---- he is 6 foot 2........Augh!  Skinny, too.  Double Augh!  With a head full of gorgeous curls!  Triple Augh!

Dogs love my quilt.  Notice the bone chewing?
A soccer star out of Destrehan.  He is also in the new show coming up on TV called Badlands.  And he sings, plays in his own band, and is an A student.  He is like the perfect kid!

Needs a great name......
He is planning on coming to LSU when he graduates, and I told him I was going to find him once every week and make him say.......I  love you, Aunt Glenda!

I have two things to report. I finished up quilting on the Old House quilt from Alex Anderson and the REME Black and White and Something Else Challenge quilt.  backings for both of them.

AND.....I bought some music fabric at the REME Fall Jubilee.

I will have to do the binding tomorrow on the Love Her Madly Quilt.  I am so excited that it will be ready for the meeting.   You have no idea!  Story and photos on Wednesday.

Used this week -15.5 Used this month -15.5 Used this year -166
Bought this week 1.5 Bought this month 1.5 Bought this year 86.75
Plus or minus -14 Plus or minus -14 Plus or minus -79.25


  1. I was just going to say do a dog post please. Are they really chewing a bone on that nice quilt? ha! wrapped...


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