Saturday, October 17, 2015

Transportation Quilt is Finished! Yeah!

I knuckled under and decided to machine sew the binding.  This quilt has not thrilled me from the beginning.  So it is finished.

Over and done with.

I glued the binding down from the back and then sewed from the front to get a clean straight line in the proper place.  It would never  have happened straight and with correct placement if I had sewn from the back!  Guaranteed!

Here's the gist:

Pro: I got the panel of transportation things when Frank and I were at the Pontchatoula Quilt Festival, oh, like, 8 years ago.

Pro:  I deided to do it as a Quilt As You Go.

Con:  I decided to to it as a Quilt As You Go.  I had never done one before and had only "heard" of how it was done, so I invented it.

Pro:  Frank loves those panels.

Pro:  I really like the panels too.

Con:  my camera batteries were, like, dying.........

Pro:  Charlene cut the binding when she was here the other day with her fabulous GO! , the miracle machine!

Con:  I had the binding now, there was no reason NOT to finish it.

Pro:  It is finished!

I guess there were more Pros then Cons.  And the Cons were really about me and not necessarily about the quilt.

So I should really like it, right?


  1. My favorite block is the tricycle ...

  2. I like this quilt! You are just sick of it but the right person will cherish this quilt forever. A good guy quilt and they are hard to come by.


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