Monday, October 12, 2015

Two Early Quilt Finishes

I finished the challenge quilt today, well I have to bind it tomorrow.  And I looked at the calendar and found out the Guild Meeting is NEXT WEEK!  So you will have to wait for one more whole week.

I also finished Flower Girl, the baby quilt for my nail salon couple.  I just did a simple meander, but  in a wild yellow green color that exactly matches the solid greens I added in.  I am happy.  It is a really cute girly quilt.  They will be surprised and elated!

I think it is the first time I have ever been EARLY for anything --- quilt wise.  I am usually early for life stuff.

I plan on going to the park and seeing if I can do a photo shoot with a couple of these quilts as I finish them.

So I will claim the Flower Girl top, backing and binding on the stash report next week.   This quilt was done with only pink fabrics and scraps from my shelves......YES!  I used lots of small pieces and the leftover stripes from a previous project.  I really had to think about those stripes, I have a very specific project in mind for my stripes.  A Kaffe Fassett quilt I fell in love with several years ago.

I started saving them, and saving them, and saving them.  Now I just save them.............sigh.

So  there will come a time soon when I will feel the need to create more tops and that will be among them!

I also want to sit down and parcel out who will be getting what quilt so I will know what I need to concentrate on to get Christmas presents taken care of.

Yes, quilt presents for all!  


  1. Early is good! How are you feeling? Thanks for the close up picture. I love seeing others quilting now so I have examples.

  2. Leftovers and odds and ends make the best quilts! I don't know that I will be making any quilts for xmas this year.


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