Thursday, October 1, 2015

Zig Zags - From Cultural Fusion

I made a few more zig zags today.  I still have trouble rotary cutting but with a very sharp blade that slices through like butter, I can get a straight edge. It doesn't stay sharp very long!  LOL

These blocks are 16 inches square so this will be the quilt after the next two blocks are made.  Lara B of Buzzin Bumble Quilty Pleasures told me about a new project called Ad Hoc Improv Group.  Check it out and see if you might want to join in.

I have to rest a bit, as the ligament that was torn is one of the ones that grab the handle of the rotary cutter.  But I am getting there.  The ligament works the little finger and the ring finger and there is a lot of weakness still in those two.

I also made another backing.  For the Fireworks quilt.  So that one will go into the line waiting for the long arm to be free!


  1. Using the rotary cutter just might be good physical therapy- are you going to PT? Maybe they can incorporate it into your recovery somehow. ( get insurance to buy you a new pack of blades?)

  2. These blocks look good up on the wall - I like your balance of quiet and strong colours.

  3. These are lovely zigzag blocks, I like their graphic effect in those colours! I hope your hand improves soon!

  4. Your fractured blocks look great! It is amazing what muscles and ligaments you need to rotary cut! I found the Ad Hoc Improv group a few days ago and posted my Rock t-shirt quilt. I am looking forward to seeing where this group heads!

  5. Have you ever tried the Martelli ergo rotary cutter - I can use it without issues (cannot use the standard Olfa straight design - grip strength is an issue as well as arthritis).


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