Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Pine Needles Didn't Interest You? Maybe This Will....

I know, I must have more time on my hands than I need.

We have the AC guy coming this morning, Frank thinks the compressor is staying on too long.  Only an obsessive engineer would notice things like that.  So he left me his gun.

No, I am not going to shoot the AC guy, although if he tells me I need to replace the AC I would probably would think of doing it.  It is a temperature gun.

Frank has been walking around for days shooting temps from all the ceiling vents.  It looked like fun.  So when he left this morning, I shot some temps.

My Earl Grey tea


and interestingly, McGee.

I kinda like the gun, it is p-r-e-t-t-y fun!


  1. An engineering approach to cooking means my husband must get the temperature of the griddle correct before adding pancake batter. Drops of water on the griddle? No the temperature gun is the ONLY answer.

  2. It doesn't take much to entertain you! LOL! I had to have my A/C worked on this summer because it quit altogether. If was the capacitor. The only way I remember the parts name is because of the movie Back to the Future as I call it my Flux capacitor! I will be interested in finding out what the A/C guy says the problem is with your unit.

  3. Kindred spirits.....I would be doing the same thing....did you shoot yourself?

  4. I love the pine needles! Bizarre! Is it the ground? Is it the temperature of the ground? Good thing you have your gun so you can check and report the temperature difference of pine needle covered grounds. Also they look so big. Could be used in sun printing as long as the temperature is right. Better go check!


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