Saturday, November 14, 2015


I finished the quilting on the Saints Quilt.  The fabrics are so busy you really can't see any of the quilting!  That is fine.

I will trim and bind it at some future date and get it off to them before Xmas.  I need to wash it before I send it so I can gt the paper from the fleur di lis out from under the stitches.

Talk about fabrics that are great for hiding your stitching line!  Wow....

So, do you wash a quilt when it is done or do you let the new owner decide when to wash it?

I really need to get a better place to take pictures of finished quilts.......



  1. I think you should gift it to them in a brown paper bag with eye holes cut in it !!! (inside joke for saints fans)...

  2. I told ray he needs to put a line up for me to hang quilts from

  3. I like em washed, they get all crinkly and snuggly.

    That blog header with the dog skeleton is starting to freak me out- maybe you can put something cruise shippy or Argentina like?
    Maybe captain Stuebing dancing with Charo?

  4. Richard put up a clothes line from one catabula tree to another so I can take pictures of quilts, but it requires finding, dragging and climbing on a ladder. Every time. So I gave Richard a new ladder for Christmas. It was perfect. Of course it got borrowed, and I am back to the rickety thing that scares the dickens out of me. I'm thinking a new ladder this Christmas and a lock for the shed door.

    I love a washed quilt but I don't always wash them. This one is extra nice, and anything that hides stitching gets extra points!

  5. The quilt is beautiful! Sometimes I wash, sometimes I don't.

  6. Ditto for me, sometimes I wash and sometimes I don't.....depends mainly on how close to the gifting deadline I'm running! ;-)


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