Sunday, November 8, 2015

Santa and Satan and a Design Wall

Oh oh.  Did  you know  Santa and Satan are spelled with the same letters?  Don't ask me how I found that out today, but I did.  Satan aside, we did some really good work today.  By lunchtime we surpassed the number of photo packages we did last year!  This is our second largest fundraiser for or spay and neuter programs.

I know we hit the 100 package mark but I not sure how many we went over.  Charles picked up the computers after the last person checked in and Carrie and Hugeaux had come in.  I was taking a load off my aching feet and talking with my GrandDog.

We had face painting and cute little girls all white and red.

We had strollers full of 10 little dogs.....yes, 10 little dogs all in one double stroller wheeled themselves in.   About half of them were poodles.

We had HUGE poodles too!  Look at these beauties.

Cole, does this make your tongue drool?

 We had dogs with 3 legs and those with 4 legs.

This white guy is a Clumber Spaniel.  you don't see those a lot.  They were my doggy clients from a while back.

Look at these cute faces!  Both have golden hair, red bow, expressive eyes.

 Santa had his elves working with him as well.  This one does our newsletters!  No way could I pull that outfit off as well as she does!

 At the end of the day even our dog wranglers seem a bit crazy!

 And we had Cavaliers who WERE related to me and some who WERE NOT related to me. 

My feet are killing me!

I had a chance to finish up 8 more of the 100 blocks last night while Frank was watching football, LSU I think. That makes it 20% done right now.  But I can't stop.

So this is what  my design wall looks like  

Check out Judy's blog to see what others are working on.

For the Stash Report I am going to call the inflow of Pat's scraps and the outgo of my blocks as a wash, since I am cutting up the bits and bits and pieces of incredible colors.  Why are his scraps more exciting than mine?

I am just loving these 100 Modern Blocks of Tula Pink.  They are so addicting.....


  1. His scraps are more exciting for the same reason someone else's stash is best to shop in. It is something you did not use.

  2. Wow have you been busy! Those are some great shots of Santa, the owners, and the what I think are pets that need adopted. Looks like everyone is having a wonderful time! Are all those blocks going into one quilt?

  3. Your blocks are beautiful! Looks like the dogs are having so much fun!

  4. Looks like a busy day, but lots of fun! I love your blocks - they are really eye-catching. I know there are lots to do but actually I like them set like they look in the picture (if your design wall colour was in fact cream sashing and borders)

  5. Eat that elephant one day at a time - 8 blocks done is a great number. Love the colors!


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