Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Throat is better, still no work done.....

now my sciatica is is so, uh, yeah just ... so....

I am going to work on some hexies, and some zentangles.  But not on the sofa, that is what makes my back hurt. 

Maybe I will get a new sofa for Christmas.......


  1. if you find a sofa that doesn't hurt your sciatica let me know. We gave up our sofa years ago in favor of upright chairs from Ikea.
    Not the best answer but an answer. LeeAnna

  2. Oh my, if it is not one thing it's another! I have had sciatica issues in the past and it is not fun. Feel better soon!

  3. growing old is not for sissies. Hope you get better soon . I had to give up recliners years ago because of my back

  4. Oh, you poor darlin'! Here's hoping that all goes well with you and soon! A therapist friend suggested a straight back rocker, you might give it a try. (Although it could get expensive quickly!) I like rockers since they give me an opportunity to move. I'm a squirmer of the worst kind. :-)


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