Wednesday, January 27, 2016


 I don't know why I think I hate doing Applique.  I really do enjoy it  once I get in there doing it .  One of the bricks Fayne brought me was shaped like a house.  And I knew I had some  fabric that looked like tiny bricks.  It was perfect, just perfect!

But the morning was fraught with its own problems.   I must've knocked over one of my ironing water bottles because my floor was covered with water under the  ironing board.   And I lost my glue sticks somewhere along the way.  And until I can find it I can't finish covering the bridge with batting .

I guess what I need to do is to work on some of the other bricks until my glue sticks surface again.  Aughhh.......

I know, I know.  I need to just clean up my room for once and for all, and forget about just the little individual days that I go in there piddling around playing clean up.

 Although, I guess good things want to finish for Shannon's daughter, Caitlynne

 I will have to tell you about Shannon in another post. 

The quilt is made from doilies that Frank's mother crocheted endlessly.   When we moved her from the house in Shreveport we had closets and closets of these things.  I made a very similar quilt for Frank's Aunt Emma after his mother died.  She was so glad to have something of her sister's since all their stuff had been lost in Hurricane Katrina.  I think Caitlynne will like having something her great grandmother made.  
Sometimes these UFOs on my floor have a good purpose.  If I had thrown it out or just finished it and gave it away, I wouldn't have the connection for Caitlynne.

Yes, that is why it pays to be messy and unorganized!


  1. The quilt is going to be a wonderful keepsake! Don't feel bad about your mess. I think I am fairly organized and I can't find stuff all the time!

  2. The doiley quilt is precious! It amazes me how someone could make something so delicate with those thin strands of yarn or thread or whatever you would call what they used. Everything seems to come back in style, I wonder if doileys will. Probablly not as the people today don't have the patience for it. (Me included)

    Don't clean your room - you will never find anything!


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