Sunday, January 31, 2016

Stash Report - I Actually HAVE One!

I have been furiously working on my River City Guild Challenge.  The WINNING quilt is  hanging on my design wall.  the Challenge is to use a single block and create a secondary pattern.  You can change colors, size, whatever, but it has to be only one block and the same block.

But I can't show that one and i won't claim the fabric till after the meeting so you won't be stealing my idea.........

But I can claim the Criss Cross Quilt which is now, thanks to my Quilting Posse, called QR Codes.  It is the perfect name for it.  I is just the top, I still need to choose the backing.  And get the Doilies done for Caitlynne.  And figure out which one will go to Malaki. 

And once Paula saw it she was all over the fabric since it was Liberty of London.  Most of that group of fabrics came from a fabric swap several years ago with Trudy in England.  And I had no idea!

I just knew they looked fabulous together!

And I am only up 16 yards now......

Used this week -3.50 Used this month -4.00 Used this year -4.00
Bought this week 0.00 Bought this month 20.00 Bought this year 20.00
Plus or minus -3.50 Plus or minus 16.00 Plus or minus 16.00

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  1. One bite at a time! Can't wait to see quilt. May have to ask a big favor later in February. DD#1's machine is acting crazy and if Alex doesn't fix it soon, then the wedding quilt is a bust. See where I am going. Hopefully, I won't have to ask.


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