Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Stash Report and a Movie Review

Earlier this year we found the Movie Tavern.  I am in love with the fact that I no longer have to waste time just watching a movie, I can eat too!

We have never been big movie goers, or watchers at home either.  That said, I can show you Frank's office and you would think movies were our lives.  He has too much money on his hands and a finger poised on the purchase button at Amazon.  He has nearly two walls of movies. 

How many has he watched?  Very few, but he owns them!

But when the Movie Tavern came to town and served food, they had me. 

So we headed there for lunch today.  I sat in the nice soft reclining chair, pushed back, ordered me a Dr. Pepper and some Sliders and settled in for a funny movie.  That is not what I had.

Oh, yes, the Dr. Pepper and the Sliders, but the funny movie.........well.  In fact it might have been the stupidest movie I have ever seen.  Yep. Ever.  In my lifetime and my parent's lifetimes and my grandparent's lifetimes.  I don't think movies go back further than that.

When the movie ended, I was surprised......I  was still waiting for the plot to develop.  Or at least for the movie to get one.

As the credits rolled I turned to Frank, sort of stunned, and said, "I think that was the stupidest movie I have ever seen."  The theater erupted in laughter, it was the funniest line in the movie!

Oh, the movie was Hail, Ceasar! with George Clooney, Josh Brolin....and a host of other Hollywood biggies.  My question was simply, WHY?????

There was a pretty good recreation of the Sailor's Bar Room Dance in Anchors Aweigh.  Made me want to go out and find a sailor.

Sigh.......I could have been home with the dogs and quilting!  Or even cleaning something.

My stash report this week is the accumulation of the fabric for the At The Zoo top, the backing for the Breaking Bad quilt and a backing for the Stained Glass quilt I have been hiding from you in a pile on my floor for 2 or 3 years.  I will show it to you soon.  It really is a nice one that I love.  And another one I can't get rid of..........

Used this week -14.25 Used this month -14.75 Used this year -18.75
Bought this week 0.00 Bought this month 20.00 Bought this year 20.00
Plus or minus -14.25 Plus or minus 5.25 Plus or minus 1.25

Still up 1.25 yards, but I am working on it.


  1. That is so funny--my husband just concurred with your opinion!

  2. I really love your challenge quilt. I think it should have won because of the pure creativity in actually using the block parts in different ways! So cute!

    And what would have you cleaned? Lol

  3. I agree with Swooze but I know that as long as it has your name on it or they saw you put it up, you will only get 3rd. Sorry to say that about a guild but it is true from what I saw while a member.

  4. The Movie Tavern sounds like an interesting place. Sorry the movie wasn't any better. At least you have stash going out the door for the week.

  5. My stash report - bought 15.5 yards and used 18 yards so far this year. So I am down 2.5 yards. Not much, but it is what it is. I figure I will be down about 7 or 8 yard more once I make those 8 small doggie quilts.

    The theater sounds like a nice place to watch a movie. I will have to see Hail Ceasar just to see how stupid it is. I will borrow it from the library when it comes out on DVD. I saw a pretty stupid movie yesterday with Morgan Freeman, Mini Driver, Betty White and Christian Slater about a amour truck that got stuck in a flood in Indiana. Bad guys were chasing good guys in boats and jet skis, then the bad guys became good guys and the good guys became bad guys and then a good guy hooked up with one of bad guys to try to get away from the original goods guys that turned bad .... ok it was just stupid. It wasn't a comedy - I guess it was suppose to be a drama.

  6. I never understood the whole movie buying thing. How many times do you watch a movie? Once, that's it so why keep it on the shelf? Of course some might say the same of my fabric stash of which a lot of it has been sitting on the shelf for years :-/

  7. I'm sorry you wasted your time with the movie, but I'm glad you wrote about it. For one, I enjoyed the post and, also, I was planning to see that movie. Now I know. We are movie buffs. Sort of. We watch movies often at home and occasionally do go to the theater, but I'd be terribly upset if I paid those prices to see a really stupid movies. I watch movies the same way I read books...invested. If I invest in a movie, I expect something in return. A plot is one of those things.

    I've decided to do a stash report! Only monthly though. I just posted my report before coming for a visit. I'm not sure I thought this through, however. I actually have to do math to report, so I'm going with a close (maybe rough is a better term) accounting. If I get audited, I'm sunk!

  8. I'm glad you gave a review of the movie. That is one that I will not go to. I don't know if it's my computer screen or my eyes, but your stash report numbers show as black on a dark gray background and it's not easy to see them at all. Hope it's not my eyes.


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