Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Happy Ash Wednesday

I totally forgot to wish you a Happy Mardi Gras yesterday.  New Orleans, Metairie and Kenner shut down, but we don't here in Baton Rouge.  And for people who work for national companies, it is just another workday.

When Frank worked for the various incarnations of Dresser they would secure a place on St Charles Avenue and cordon off a street corner to set up port-a-potties, food and an open bar.  They would have customers meet them down there. From that corner they would catch the three big Mardi Gras Day parades.

Can't beat that with a stick!!  If you are going to do Mardi Gras, that is the way to go!!  Most people aren't that lucky though.  I would go sometimes, but Frank spent time with his customers and I found it more exciting to stay home and sew.

Like I did yesterday while Frank worked.    At The Quilt Haus I was able to get the 4 quilts trimmed. Well, maybe it was 3.

The Breaking Bad, the T-Shirt Backs, Southwest, The Saint.  Nope, 4.

Sad thing is, I STILL have not reduced my list!   I am just moving them up the ladder!  Still, it is progress.

I have a few tops and backs sitting by the long arm to be quilted.  And I got two borders on the Batik Curves.  I need a cool name for that one so I will have to see what is going on in my world.  Maybe I should call it Hillary's Downward Spiral.

Candy's Ripples Quilt
I can't find a more finished photo, and it is at The Quilt Haus right now.  the pattern is Reflections and I free cut the curves.  While I was making this at the retreat in 2013, Candy was making the exact same quilt called Ripples but using a specific ruler and placing them differently!  There are really no new ideas I guess.  Neither of us were working from a kit, but our fabric selections were very very similar!  She just didn't put the corners on hers.

I am really having to dig deep to find some of the quilt tops buried deep in the recesses of the quilt room!   But they are just as exciting as any of the new ones!  Sometimes even more so!


  1. Is the brown one breaking bad? That's my fave but then I like browns. You are on fire with all these finishes. I'm very impressed

  2. You are moving in the right direction so that is all that matters. You just need to get those quilted and bound! For my eight doggie quilts I am going to make all the tops first, then pin baste all of them, quilt them one after another, then finally bind them. I am still trying to get in a rhythm, but for some reason it had been a struggle. I only have 11 days to get them done plus three pedal board covers! I need to get in a groove soon!

  3. Up the list is still progress. The key right now (I think anyway) is to push hard while you have a rhythm going. I especially like your Reflections quilt. It's interesting that you and Candy were working on the same pattern and ended up with such different looking quilts. It's one of the things that I love, love about quilting. It's such fun to play with blocks on the design board.


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