Saturday, February 27, 2016

Stash Reporting ERROR!

I have never ever been so happy to be wrong!

Charlene came in town today for a family event and she brought me her GO!  So I spent the afternoon cutting away.  I have lots of binding cut for the next generation of quilts.  Like 437 or so.

I still love watching the GO! work.  I crank it through and am still amazed when it comes out the other side all perfectly cut!  Like magic!

I also cut out a quilt for one of the graduations in June.  This is for my niece who is graduating from Loyola School of Journalism.  Remember when I was searching for the word fabric?  I cut that for the interplay with the rainbow fat quarters.  I will decide on a block at some point.  I have till May or June.  (But if I wait that long, we all know what will happen!)

As I was nursing poor Charlene's headache, I was setting up my fabric usage for the week.  And I noticed that I had carried the 20 yards I "Purchased in January" over to "Purchased in February" as well.

Yes!  An Error!

So with the backing for Santa and the backing for QR Codes and the binding for Neighborhood  I used  nearly 22 yards this month.  And that means I am 37 yards in the black!

Used this week -6.42 Used this month -21.75 Used this year -57.00
Bought this week 0.00 Bought this month 0.00 Bought this year 20.00
Plus or minus -6.42 Plus or minus -21.75 Plus or minus -37.00


  1. I am glad that my headache did some good. Have fun with the Go. Go to Accuquilt and see which dies you would like to try. I probably have it or know someone who will loan it to us. Next time I will bring the Go Big for you to try. NO cranking! Warning - it is addictive!

  2. I have an Accuquilt Studio and love it. I ordered a 2 1/2 inch die but it was too long for everything else I had, so I sent it back. Now I wish I'd just ordered a new tray and plastic. One day. I imagine that you are hooked and will soon get your own. Hold out for the fancy electric one. Why not, after all?

  3. Good job on the stash report! I have bought 15.5 and used 27.5 so I am in the black 12 yards. After cleaning up yesterday, I have come to the conclusion I don't need anymore fabric - well, at least for a little while! LOL!


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