Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Cotton Robin and Modern Robin

Neither of which I can show you, but if you are not involved in the process and really want to see my stellar work, I can email you some photos........

I worked at the Quilt Haus this morning and finished up the round on the Cotton Robin.


I am a creative genius!

I am the greatest row adder of all time!

It is an amazing piece that the owner will totally LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Yes, it is THAT amazing!

My friend Paula wanted it so badly!  I so wish I could show it to you.........you would love love love it too!

The squirrel, for whom a friend suggested the name "Spoutnik", seems to have recovered his sanity enough to go find his momma and their nest.

Life is good and a cruise if forthcoming!  Six friends, all ready to party down! 

One is working as a comedian on the ship, so it should be interesting!


  1. Is that the friend or the squirrel who is working as a comedian? Because that squirrel has a few hilarious stories to tell. You will also have a few stories to tell, no doubt!
    As for the brilliant work, I will reserve judgement till we see it. I mean, I know you're good--no make that great--but it is a tad difficult to assessment without pics.
    Have a great time cruising!

  2. I would love to see what you have done and see your creative genius! The cruise sounds like it is going be fun!

  3. I just have to see this creation! Please, please, pretty please:-)
    The cruise sounds great


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