Saturday, March 12, 2016

Flooding and Rains

So far my rain gauge has given me at least 12 inches of rain.  

I am not flooding but one of our rent houses is in a subdivision that is scheduled to flood by tomorrow morning.  We are tracking it on the FEMA maps. 

We were back there this morning helping a friend who lives in the very back of  the subdivision.  Her house is on the only two streets that flooded in the subdivision during the last big flood in Gustav.  I helped her pack some bags to leave if she had to, and Frank helped load up her car with important papers and food  stuff. 

She has a breathing condition and is often weak and unable to do anything mildly aerobic.  But at like 78, she s doing great!

So I have nothing done today. 

I do have a quilt loaded I can go work on.  maybe I am just unmotivated.  Could be my migraine again.


  1. I'm glad you were there to help her - she must have COPD. I can relate. You are both good people and karma will pay it back.

    Why only 2 bassets on your new header? You only show the "good" ones I guess. Banishing the evil McGee are we?

  2. We've very soggy in the central part of the state, too. I'm sure there are some who are flooding nearby because we got another storm again today. Thanks for helping your elderly friend. I'm sure she appreciates it, but I'm really hoping she won't need to leave.

  3. I live in Iowa and was wondering about you. We got flooded in 2008 and I will never forget the mess. My friend got hit by a tornado a couple weeks before, she said it was just gone, but the mud goes on forever. Glad you are dry. Hug the puppies.

  4. Even though I'm in a different part of the States than you, some places are flooding in my neck of the woods too.
    I hope you are all safe and don't get your houses flooded. The photos look scary.


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