Saturday, April 2, 2016

April Fool's Day Success, Once Again!

I am sure every year that all my friends are sitting on pincushions waiting for me to strike.  They all know I do something every year to at least one of them.  And ALWAYS to Frank and Carrie.

And this year I got 3 people, really good!  LOL.  I am still chuckling about it.  I was  brilliant.

Picture of the Human Eye
From Web MD

I told  you that we were seeing the eye doc for Frank.  He called me Thursday morning, panicked about a spot of vision loss he noticed for the first time.  I pulled some strings and got him an appointment for 3:30 that afternoon.

The doctor thoroughly checked him and he seemed OK, no macular degeneration, no retinal tear, no cornea damage, no injuries, nothing.  So they sent him for a scan today.

The results were interesting.

I called Carrie and told her what the doctor said.  I told her her dad needed emergency surgery and we would not be making the cruise.  I also asked her if she though she and Andrew could take out tickets.

She took the news with a shock.  I heard that in her voice.  She clarified the dates and gave it a good deep consideration.  She immediately started thinking about what she had going on that week and decided she could do it.   She thought she could but would need to talk to Andrew to see if he could get off.  And if he couldn't, what girlfriend could go. 

Then, it hit her.  She asked if he needed surgery, did she really want to be out of town.  (Good girl, I was wondering when the My-Daddy-Needs-Me might kick in.)

When she asked me that question, I asked her if she knew what day it was.

Boy, I can spin those Shaggy Dog Stories, I can.

I also got our cruising partners with a similar story.  They said they would miss us on the ship!  Can you imagine that.

What he really has is the eye jelly forming lumps and pulls away from the retina as it does in 85% of people over 45 (yikes).  But his is sitting right over the center of his retina and he can see it.  It should dissolve with no problem.  Problems do occur when the eye jelly pulls away from the retina but sticks to the retina and pulls it too.

Retinal tears are serious, so if you see a shadow, go get it checked out!

No April Fool's there!


  1. Hubby had this and as I understand it, it's something that must be done quickly, but it's almost always a non-event once it's done. Hope all goes well.

  2. You are evil on April fools day! Just evil!

  3. sounds like my eye problem at NYE this year. It still flashes and is in the way of seeing.

  4. Oh, you got her good, didn't you? Seriously though, I'm glad Frank will be okay without any intervention. My cousin's husband had a retinal tear last year and had to spend a couple weeks face down, literally, until it healed. No fun.

  5. You are one mean mother! I can't believe that you used the same prank on three people? Tell Frank that when the jelly gunk causes a tear, it burns like heck, so he should keep eye drops close by and use it often. Oh, I don't even want to think about the pain. Either his or the ones you caused! Shame on you!


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