Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Glad It Is Over.....But i did get some fabric

McGee and I had a really bad day.  He ended up in the vet hospital after he coughed all night, hacking up phlegm and whatever food and water he had recently taken in.......every...........15.........minutes.

We were both exhausted.  At 7 AM I was the first call to the vet's office and we were the first appointment in.  I swore it was Kennel Cough, but the vet reminded me it couldn't be since he was so vaccinated........I am not really really convinced though.

McGee would cough up all the pills I would give him.  He was so thirsty but his poor little tummy would reject any water he sipped.

We tried to catch some sleep on the sofa.  He could make it about 20 minutes then he would go into another coughing fit.

Finally, around 3 PM he could go half hour to 45 minutes.  When Joni came by with my Modern Fabric he was excited to see her and only coughed a few times.

When Frank got home around 5:30, McGee was doing so much better.  So as usual, Frank missed the brunt of our child's illnesses.  And he thinks he was more a "mom" than I was...........

At the BR Modern Guild:

We have plans for a Modern Show showcasing some of or modern work.  That ought to be a hoot!  When I find out more, I will get some info out.

I am excited about the Modern  Challenge and have been brainstorming for ideas for the Modern Fabric that was donated to our group.   Love those leaves.

Is it me, or is the quality of the fabric of these new 'modern designers'  is just not what we are used to in our stashes?  It feels so thin and without weight.


  1. Poor baby. I hope he is all better now. Not fun when our babies are sick!

  2. I can relate to how McGee is feeling. Felt that way last week and Stelly knows how you feel. Thank goodness mine left almost as quickly as it came on. I hope McGee's does too. He missed his mom.

  3. What was wrong with McGee? I hope it is nothing that the others can catch it.

    I bought the American Made Brand for a challenge about a year and a half ago. I thought it was on the thin side so I know what you mean. I also was disappointed with the fabric Jane Sassaman's prints were printed on. The fabric was distorted when it was printed so it made it very difficult to fussy cut.

  4. sure sounds like when my lab had kennel cough.

    Poor boy, poor momma. Daddies have a way of coming in at the point of recovery, then thinking we exaggerated the problems... grr....


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