Thursday, May 12, 2016

Barn Building Book Giveaway

I have a post coming out on the 23rd of May that will be my portion of the Build A Barn Blog Hop. 

And a chance to win a free book!  Can't beat that with a stick. I suggest you try out some of the blogs just to see what my cohorts in Barn Building are doing.  Some of them have their own published books, so you see I am rubbing elbows with some pretty important people in the quilt world!

If you want to get in early and get a chance to win Julie Sefton's fabulous book, check out this:
Head over to visit Nancy Near Philadelphia
for another chance to win the book
and to see another barn from the Secret Society of Barn Builders.
On the 16th you can go to Joe Tulips Quilts and get in on the next blog hop giveaway.
Don't you just love that name, that is actually Julie Post.  And her DH rides a tractor!  Bet he looks sexy on that tractor, riding around in his field, with the cows and horses and sheep looking on admiringly. 
Here's a list of the blog hop giveaways:
Monday April 25 – Lynne Tyler
Monday May 2 – Brenda Suderman
Monday May 9 – Nancy Stevens
Monday May 16 – Julie Post
Monday May 23 – Glen Parks
Monday May 30 – Belinda Noel
Monday June 6 – Cherie Moore
Monday June 13 – Valerie Levy
Monday June 20 – Cathy Labath  
Monday June 27 – Kathy French
Monday July 4 – Heidi Burkhardt
Monday July 11 – Hilda Bakke
Monday July 18 – Chris Ballard
Monday July 25 – Debbie Voigt 
Monday August 1 - Julie Sefton

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  1. Thanks for letting folks know -- the more the merrier!! Can't wait to see what else readers create using the ideas in the book.


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