Monday, May 23, 2016

Himalayan Cat at CAAWS

This kitty, who we are calling Pat, was dumped about a month ago at the CAAWS shelter  Obviously a kitty who had a home but now is expected to fend for him/her self.

When we are able to catch Pat, we will vet him/her and Pat will be up for adption.

Definitely a pure breed of cat.

Anyone interested?

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  1. I have a beautiful pointed mix from a Himalayan and an alley cat. His owners dumped him after they figured out even a purebred whole male will spray. He spent about 5 months getting used to me before I could touch him, but he would eat from the feeder I put on the front porch. He fathered many litters of kittens which we captured and took to a low cost spay and neuter clinic. Mine is one of those. We left most of the rest free in the neighborhood. Some went to homes. but most were too feral. Of the 15 or 20 we donated to have fixed, the cruel conditions of wild animal living took 8 in the first year, some wandered off and 2 still visit our house daily. I don't believe in outside cats, but I had 2 in the house already and these two are truly barely tolerant of humans. If you buy a pet take care of it.


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