Monday, May 16, 2016

Monday Morning Plans - Will They Last The Week?

I probably won't make 45 miles again this week, but i can get to 35 at least!  I am looking at some rain in the forecast that might make walking impossible.

My two goals, well, three, are to finish the two graduation quilts.  but first I have to do some clean up in the quilt room.  See DiNozzo sleeping in the bottom right corner?  That is his quilt corner!

So let me get in there and do some putting away of stuff.  It looks like a hurricane hit it since i was working on the Cajun Camps. 

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  1. I getting ready to head out to the job site to get some steps in and see what is going on. It is sunny and cool today - perfect for me. Right now I have 4,034 steps. 35 miles sounds a good goal. 45 is a lot of miles. I worry about your knee with that many miles. Now go and get your studio cleaned up and get those quilts done!

  2. DiNozzo looks perfectly happy with the mess. The quilt you have on the wall is really neat! 45 miles is more than 6 miles a day-I too am worried about your knees. Hope to see you soon b/c I miss Cleo and the boys not to mention sitting and talking with you and Frank.


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