Saturday, May 7, 2016

Sophie was right!

Posterize is what I really meant.  Thanks, Sophie!  I still need suggestions as to what you use to do it  There used to be a program but it became unsupported and they took it down.  That is how I have done other things.

I worked on the face this afternoon.

Oh  -----   And HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all my mom friends!  (Carrie is going to cook for me!)

I got a face.

But not Carrie!  LOL.  Need to name her something else I guess.

Not too bad for a first time on my own.  I think my problem is picking out the fabrics.  I know all the mechanics, but it is choosing the fabrics that gets me.

I don't have a whit of art training, so i really am just winging it when I do any drawing. Oh,  I have a light box, but I can't shade worth anything.

So here is my progress.

This is the photo that has been somewhat posterized.  I drew the colors in with a sharpie.  And of course I totally disregarded the fact that my piece would be flipped.  But this really doesn't matter.  At some point I was having problems putting the pieces in the right place, so I flipped the page and traced the pieces on the back.  Much easier.

These are the fabrics I picked out.  at the quilt shop the lighting must be very different because there was actually a bit of variation in the center 3.  At home, there was not so much.  Made it difficult even though I had marked my pieces with a value number.

This is the gratuitous GrandDog Hugeaux photo.  Although he does belong to Carrie and he was helping me.

This is the wedding dress fabric.  Nice, it is dimensional.

This is the fused pieces, without the background.  And with the dress fabric just placed on it.

It looks better here than in person.  Hmmmm......

Here I flipped it and collaged it with the real photo.

Her jaw is too big.  Maybe when I get the veil over it it will be better.


  1. Do you use photoshop? I don't, but there is supposed to be a posterize tool in photoshop that is easy to use. It requires a little searching, but as late as mid 2015 I was told it was there. There are other tools out there, but I don't know what they are off the top of my head. You can do it manually, but it requires a little extra effort and determining how many colors you want to use and how big to set the tolerance in color changes. I think that it is doable and you have given me something to try.

  2. I think it is a fantastic first try! I am not brave enough to try such a project, but then again I am not and never will be an art quilter! It may be my computer or my old eyes, but the cheek and jaw areas seem a bit dark. The veil may lighten up that area. Or are you planning on making it lighter with shading using color pencils or thread? I love the dress fabric. It is perfect for a bride. Good luck with this project.

  3. this could be good! You really do have a good start. Got Inktense pencils for shading? Remember that all important white dot in the eye- if you get the eyes right, the rest will follow. Be fearless


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