Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Swimmy Things

I have been sitting on the sofa, vegetating today.  I am actually nursing my wounds.

( I did cook dinner and made chocolate zucchini muffins, vacuumed the back of the house -well Roomba did.)

My wounds?

I had a dermatologist appointment this morning.  He burned off a million skin tags that bug me for one reason or another. 

That hurts!

And now, 7 hours later, it STILL hurts.

I would imagine that tomorrow I will look like a goth chick whose Dave Navarro-look alike boyfriend burns her with cigarettes.

I will, however, offer you updated photos of the fishes of of my fountain.

Here is Moby


                                                                     Here is Ahab.

Here they are together, just swimming around the old homestead........


  1. I had a skin tag on my neck once, which I thought was something else or maybe nothing. I just pinched and pulled it off. It ripped out nerves rooted in my eyeballs. I know this for a fact because tears poured forth for at least three days. To look at the area, one would think I had the skin of a Victorian princess--smooth, white as the new-fallen snow. To feel the sting, one would believe that a yellow jacket wasp loaded with salt water had attacked. You just stay on the sofa for a while longer. The burning does stop. Eventually. And the payoff is perfect, baby-hiney smooth skin. I'm not sure the trade is even, however.

  2. mine gave me a slave to put on my nose and forehead, i have a big blister on my forehead and small blisters every where else. I was suppose to do it 14 days but by 12 days i was swelling until one eye was nearly closed so i stopped . now peeling

  3. When I use to get them I would work at pinching them a couple of times a day for a few days right at the base of them before I would either pull it off or cut it off. I try to use my scrubby gloves a few times a month and that seems to help them from forming. A root canal, skin tags, glory what is next? Hopefully nothing.


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