Saturday, May 14, 2016

The UFO Cousins Are Coming -- Again!

House is clean, dogs are brushed off but not bathed..........For some reason McGee is really stinky today.  He must have rolled in something in their honor. 

Hopefully the aliens won't think they are moving in here and start visiting my house looking for them!

After my week of 45 miles walked I needed to have a rest day.  That was yesterday.  I only walked 4.5 miles yesterday, that was 2 dog walks and some middle of the day stuff.  My allergies are acting up and in the evening I  am having a hard time breathing.  So I have been spending a lot of time cleaning stuff up high and on shelves.  Stuff that I normally don't do every week.  Heck, or every month!

Quilting wise, I need to finish another round of my Modern Robin, embellish/quilt/bind the Cotton Robin, trim and bind the Words Grad Quilt and quilt the Oriental Quilt for Jesse.

Yesterday CAAWS had an adoption event at On The Border Mexican Cantina.  They also donated 20% of their dinner tickets to CAAWS.  It is difficult to be on a diet and eat Mexican.  When I got there, Julie (who is on the diet with me) orders these shrimp fajitas.  They were amazing, shrimp sauteed in olive oil with peppers and onions, guacamole, black beans.  I was impressed.  I was not going to eat the tortillas but I did.  And they were good. 

The whole meal was amazing, even though t was more calories than i had been eating per meal, it wasn't too too bad.


  1. "It is difficult to be on a diet and eat Mexican." LOL What an understatement! It's hard to be on a diet and eat! Hope the CAAWS dinner went well, fundraiser-wise.

    You MUST report on the UFO cousins! I'm sorry--it's probably not funny over there, but it's hilarious from here. Maybe it's because I imagine my in-laws playing the part...

  2. Totally agree that diet and Mexican food don't go together! Looks like the caaws event was a success too.
    And congrats on the miles walked adding up!

  3. 45 miles in one week? Wow I am impressed! That is a lot of walking.


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