Friday, May 20, 2016

Tornado alert

We had some bad bad weather last night. A tornado touched down about a mile from us. It was between our house and Carrie's house in shennondoah area 

The rain came down in sheets and the lights went out about 11:30 pm. The weather people had already taken over my jimmy Fallon show.  With it went my computer hookup and my home phone. 

Electricity came back within two hours but I am still without cable or phone  or TV.

Fun. NOT

Frank left about 10 am this morning. Off to somewhere. And he calls me about 10:15 and says, I had to take your car. Mine has a flat.

So I have no tv, no internet, no home phone and no car.  

I sure hope the guy from AAA is cute. 

I wrote a speech many years ago about an incident with black van and AAA. I will have to dig that up for you. It was pretty funny  AFTER it was over.  And of course Frank was out of town. 

Like the time the dog locked me out of the running car and the baby was inside. He was out of town for that one too.  

I do love me some AAA!!!.


  1. Sounds like you had some horrible storms! We depend so much on electricity. Glad everyone is ok. I have a few AAA stories myself. Unfortunately the last time I called them the service was not good. I wrote them an email about how I was left by the AAA guy and another one had to come, Kenny, well he finally came and took care of me. I see Kenny every so often and always say hello. In fact, he was at my neighbor's house over Christmas. I happen to look out the window and saw him so I grabbed a container of leftover cookies and ran out to give them to him. He is always so nice and never leaves a man or woman behind. Hopefully the weather quiets down for you and you are up and running soon!

  2. It was bad here too. Stelly was out in it and Spirit and I worried until he got back.

  3. So scary! Do you have sirens and cellars to hide in when they are coming? I'll take 20 below zero any day over a tornado. So glad you are safe. No Dr Phil? Unthinkable!


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