Saturday, May 14, 2016

UFO Cousins Had Photos This Time

OK, Mary, here's the deal.

The first photo she showed me appeared to be of the camera aimed directly into the sun.  She explained it  as the light from the craft hovering over the area in Tickfaw, just outside of Hammond.  Which is where we lived for 7 years.  I guess we were lucky not to have gotten abducted. 

Pretty accurate details, though.

I didn't see any  part of the craft, which was said to be cigar shaped with rows of colored lights.

The next photo was of a beam of light in the late afternoon, early evening before the sun went down.  That was the tracker beam from the UFO that brings things into it.  I guess like cows.  Don't cows get transported on a regular basis, or do they just lose all their blood.

You know, LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color has some pretty weird looking cows from that Rainbow Scrap Challenge last year.  I wonder where she got the thoughts in her head that cows might actually look like that?  Might have been planted there. 

Then, the most interesting photo of all though, was the blinding sun, with a portal that looked like a white door.  She said when it opened, beings come through.  Maybe that is where the cows come home. 

She had other photos, but these were the significant ones.

I sent this photo to Carrie currently in Austin, TX with the caption:  Hugeaux looks freaked out because he just met his cousins and learned that the aliens are coming through the door in the sun.........

Then, he  just went into the crate and gave up!


  1. First of all go look at this quilt

    Secondly I'm glad you showed a picture of your beautiful grand dog to ease my disappointment in not getting to see these UFO pictures.

  2. Smart dog. I believe the aliens have beamed down a force to destroy the world. We call the phenomenon Donald Trump

  3. So there were UFO's in Tickfaw, La? I thought you were joking that the cousins were UFO's!!! It's especially funny now! Please don't be offended, I'm a bit light-headed from laughing at the whole craziness. So now, I have questions, many questions, but I'll do the same as Hugeaux because Tickfaw is not that far away. You just never know.


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