Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Bunny Brigade

Now I wish I had done the bunnies in improv.  They would have been more fun and less stodgy.

Maybe then Carrie would have liked him better.  I think.

It was her birthday today.  Yesterday I texted and wished her a Happy Birthday Eve  But I didn't know Frank had stopped at her office and given her a huge  balloon. She thought it was him and immediately responded that she loved him and she loved her balloon.  (She never responds to my texts.)


I now have evidence that she loves him more then she loves me.  Hah.  Right  here on my phone if I need to present it in court.  I responded that she was sending ME the  texts,  not her dad.  She said she must have auto corrected somewhere.  She doesn't know I get all Frank's texts.   If he had a texting girlfriend, I would know about it!  LOL  Frank doesn't text..........

I called her early this morning to sing happy birthday to her.  It was so bad the phone disconnected on me and I had to call back. I sang to the voice recorder.  So now my bad singing was recorded for posterity.

I gave her the $100 gift card to West Elm she wanted for her new fixture over the kitchen island.  And a set of lights that can fit inside a bottle using batteries to turn it on.  And a forced air brush curler thing for her hair.  She liked them.....I think.

She said she loved me when we left the restaurant, so that was a good thing.  Good thing she did say it.... since I bought the presents, wrapping, dinner, AND told Frank to go get the balloon.

Yep. I did that.

He gets the credit.



  1. I am sure Carrie loves you just as much as she loves Frank.

  2. The mom role. I even used to dial the phone and hand it to my husband so he could talk to his parents, but I was the one that made him move so far away. I took pictures, had them printed, labelled them and he was always thanked. We are moms/wives, it is what we are supposed to do. Some evening when things aren't going so well your children and/or your in-laws will recognize the fact that they always knew and they were just comforted by the thought that dad/or the favorite son would do that for them. It works.

  3. It is a mom thing. If you listen to my girls, my ex did everything for them. Now Stelly gets all the credit. They love us and know who is doing it so have heart. See you soon.

  4. She'll realize just how much you do when she's the one nudging, reminding, and taking care of someone else (a husband or children) and that person gets all the credit. The good news is that about that time, the relationship changes...they truly appreciate all the little things that we took care of behind the scenes. I know that as I grew older I found a much deeper appreciation for my mom. And I think that my girls (dil) are truly beginning to appreciate me. Certainly I love them for taking over my mom role and doing it much better than I did. It's exhausting, isn't it? Now I just try to pitch in and show everybody some love.


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