Thursday, June 9, 2016

Is it THURSDAY Already?

OMG.........I can't believe it is Thursday already.  I got the download from Fitbit that confirmed I walked about 40.13 miles during the week prior.  Somehow I once again found 23 stairs and climbed them!  One week I am really going to find stairs and show Mr. Fitbit what stairs really are!

I am down 20 point something pounds.  All the walking, building muscle and eating like I did last night makes the difference. 

Every month before the CAAWS Board meeting we meet at dinner.  Gives us an informal talking and relating platform.

Last night we went to Qdoba, which I thought was a healthy Mexican place.  The burrito I usually eat there is like 1750 calories! Yikes.

So I settled for a Drunken Chicken Soft Taco......ONE............and unsweetened tea with lime.

220 calories.

I thought I was going to be really hungry, but I was not.  once I got over the idea that I was depriving myself of my favorite meal, i was OK.  I told Frank that now I don't eat 1700 calories in a whole DAY!  He was mildly impressed.  (He's been skinny all his life.)

I had a FF yogurt before I went to bed and was perfectly fine with that.

I feel better and have more energy (believe it or not I am just plain lazy) but.......I still love to eat! 

What I miss is eating until I am full, and having sweet desserts!


  1. I have to have something sweet at night....we buy the 'snack' mounds and one just perfect! OK, sometimes one is perfect during the day too! HA Good for you!! You're doing great!

  2. 40 miles! Very impressive! And congrats on the weight loss, goes to show dieting alone doesn't work. I'll bet you feel so much better. I didn't think you looked like you needed to lose 20 pounds in your pics. Do people notice who haven't seen you in awhile ? Wait until dr gorgeous sees you. He will give you a discount just to be able to gaze upon your lovely physic.


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