Thursday, June 16, 2016

Letters from the Past

In my Fiber Group last night we showed our "word" themed pieces.  Mary had a special piece that enthralled us all.

Somehow she and her husband ended up with an old old house in Port Allen, just across the Mississippi River from Baton Rouge, LA.  The city was going to demolish it.

In the attic she found a stack of letters dating from the 1930's.  They are between a husband and wife talking about their life in their respective places at that point in their lives.  He must have been in the Army.   His name was Robert Scott, she called him Scotty.  Her name was Locha and she was a teacher.  They were African Americans. 

Her way of writing is lilting and poetic, his was eloquent and emotional.  And the letters are so fragile now.

She has tried to find the family, but was only able to find that one of the children ended up somewhere in California.  Meanwhile, she is a wonderful custodian of their words.

As always, you can click on the photos to make them larger.

Enjoy some words from the distant past!


  1. What a beautiful way to preserve that letter.

  2. Author Jeffery Copeland has written several books based on letters he has acquired. The original batch of letters were in an old suitcase. The guy offered to throw away the letters for him because he thought he wanted to buy the suitcase! Great stories, he verifies the authenticity of the letters and learns what he can about the people.

  3. I hope she can find a family member that would appreciate the letters. How wonderful it would be to get a piece of the past of a long ago family member and the fiber art piece would be the topping on the cake.


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