Sunday, June 12, 2016

Not "Doing Nothing"

I really did something today, although nothing I thought I would be doing.

I meant to work on my two Robins, the Cotton and the Modern.  The Cotton needs to go out at the end of June, so I do need to get that beauty going.  But the Modern still has two months.  I know if I don't get it done, I will totally forget and end up doing it in the afternoon of the meeting day!  LOL.

Instead I made eggplant lasagna with no noodles.

We also fixed the toilet.  many years ago, we were painting the bathroom and somehow (I think it was me...) we knocked over the top to the tank.  It shattered.   Frank searched everywhere for several years and was never able to find a replacement top.  the one we used was a HUGE plastic top that hung over the edges.  It worked, but was not pretty.

Well, on our way home from the breakfast meeting this morning, there on the Boulevard, was a toilet, just sitting there.  Frank says, I think that will fit our tank.  So he stops and puts the tank top in the back seat, takes it home and  -- miracles of miracles ---- IT FITS!  Unbelievable.  (Do you wonder where that little door goes?)

What else did I do?  Well, what I did was to pull fabrics for another quilt. I need another one?

I guess I felt I did.

So I pulled the fabrics and took them over to the Quilt Haus and we sorted through what needs to be in the quilt and what was not quite the right colors.  I am happy with the outcome.

I will have to show you the fabrics, but here is the pattern.

I saw this one made up in a guild about 8 years ago.  I totally flipped, I loved it, searched the internet or it, bought it!  When it resurfaced again two years ago, I put it on my design wall so it would be front and center.

It is called Garden Hopping by Prairie Grove Peddler.  

When I was cleaning up my room, I came across a whole container of fabrics that would be totally perfect for this baby!  All but three fabrics came from that box.  Oh, and Paula generously added a perfect carrot fabric and a true turkey red fabric.  I seem to have come up short in those areas.

I guess I need to being to look for turkey red pieces!  LOL.


  1. This is cute... love the rabbits and the carrots...
    What does turkey red mean?
    Oh...and I loves a good curbside find too! But a serendipity toilet...hilarious.

  2. That quilt will be cute! Nice fix on the toilet! Once I found a hubcap in the grocery store parking lot that matched my car. I was missing one so maybe it was mine anyway, but it was strange I found it. In fact it was face side down and I still recognized it!

  3. Yes, yes, I want to know where the little door goes. I'm hoping it's the door to a secret room where the exact fabric you need just appears!


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