Monday, June 13, 2016

Over Achiever Bunnies?

So I made the first bunny block.....while Frank slaved away on the baseboards.  Well, the agreement was that I would tape and he would paint.  I taped last night.  He painted this afternoon.  I think he got the bad end of that deal.

Oh Oh Oh.

Major Crimes comes back on tonight! Yes.  You know where I'll be at 9 PM!  I guess we will walk our dog mile at 10 om.

So here is my bunny block.  think eyes and that weird nose going up and down.  Really cute.  I will admit, he looks like a weird robot right now though.

But what makes me an over-achiever?

It seems like I made know how those bunnies multiply!


  1. I like your bunnies! Frank usually gets the raw end of the deal from my experience. But he loves it!

  2. Wow! You jumped right on this project! LOL!

  3. I'd say poor Frank, but then he might figure it out!
    Those bunny blocks are too cute. I have finally found a bit of wifi...northern Michigan is a wild place! I thought I'd have internet everywhere...NOT!

    When we get home I'll have to go back and read all the posts I've missed, but first I'll catch up with Major Crimes. (Sorry, but you reminded me.) I have a feeling there's been some interesting goings-on in Louisiana why I've been cooling my heels up here. Sometimes that's literal: I wore a jacket today!

  4. I've got Hulu now - I think they gave major crimes - I will check it out. Love crime stuff - thanks for the tip


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