Monday, June 27, 2016

Wasting Precious Quilt Time

Well, not really I guess.  But I am waiting for the guy to call me from the Fencing Company to give me a quote for new fences at CAAWS.  I called 5 companies and only 2 have contacted me during the week.  One has met me, quoted the job and answered my questions.  The other has been difficult to pin down and meet with.  The other three I guess don't need business.

I made tea. We go through a lot of sweet tea here in the South. But I sweeten mine with stevia.

Walking was  bust this morning, someone is burning stuff and the  whole area is choked with the smoke and smell.  I react to it and can't breathe for several days, so I walked briefly with Chloe and went back inside.  I am hoping that the wind picks up and clears the air so I can walk this afternoon.
Or I might have to go to Lowe's or Target or something.

While I was convincing Chloe to go back inside, I noticed my (not the crazy one) neighbor's mailbox is amazing.  I had to take some photos of it this morning.  Why is mine not like that?  Oh, well.  I will just have to steal photos of hers.  

I straightened up my desk in the Living Room.  It is always a mess it seems.  Maybe when I redo the living room this fall i can include an area for the computer.

Yesterday we got on the roof and clipped some low hanging branches from the oak tree.  It was 6 feet tall when we  planted it.  Now it hangs over the back yard like a reigning monarch!

 To give you some perspective, here is the branch in relation to the size of a dog.

In a few weeks I will be working with Mary Hettsmansperger.  Do you see the piece 6 down and in the middle?  Encapsulated Pebbles.  Amazing, right?  I love her jewelry techniques that can be used on fiber art pieces.  I have the post from my last work with here here

I also have some ideas for some eco-fiber journals that I think will also go into the exhibition.  More later on that.

Now I am just waiting for the fence guy (who may not call).


  1. So enjoy reading about your daily activities!! Hope your breathing is better now!

  2. I am surprised that anyone is allowed to burn other than having a small fire pit. Around here someone would have called the fire department and they would give you a ticket for burning. Sounds like you are keeping very busy! I bet you are excited about the time you will be spending with Mary! So different from quilting, but just as fulfilling!


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